Instrument Meteorological Conditions

Ready for the next step? You have your PPL, have taken the family for a trip here and there, built your confidence and now you want more! An Instrument Meteorological Conditions ( IMC) Rating is a national rating that can be added to a UK issued pilot licence. Designed to enable a PPL to fly in conditions below visual meteorological conditions (VMC), but not to be confused with a full Instrument Rating, this rating comprises:

• a minimum of 15 hours flying (with a minimum of 10 hours solely on instruments),
• a minimum of 20 hours ground instruction.

Similar to the PPL course, there is a flight test and a ground examination to qualify.

What will it cost at Shobdon Airfield with Herefordshire Aero Club?

15 hours flying (minimum requirement)
IMC Manuals
Home based landing approach fee
Test and exam

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