Complaints about noise from aircraft

Shobdon Airfield is a licensed airfield with an air traffic zone (ATZ) that extends outwards with a 2 mile radius from the centre of the airfield to a height of 2000 ft above aerodrome level. Aircraft operating in our ATZ should communicate with our Air Traffic Service Unit.

We operate a Flight Information Service from 10.00 until 16.30 each day. This means that we offer flight information to pilots to assist them in the safe conduct of flight. We do not operate an Air Traffic Control service and therefore we do NOT have control over the aircraft in our air traffic zone – we cannot tell them what to do, we can only provide them with information.

When a Flight Information Service is in operation, we have control over the aircraft on the ground. As soon as the aircraft enters the runway for departure, the pilot makes all decisions regarding the conduct of the flight including flight path and altitude. All pilots have a responsibility to operate within the Air Navigation Order and the Rules of the Air regulations.

Occasionally, we operate an Air Ground Service which means that we can only provide information to aircraft in the air and on the ground, to assist the pilot in the safe conduct of their flight and their ground movements.

We make every effort to ensure that visiting and home based pilots are aware of and comply with the requirements of the noise abatement circuit.
Emergency Helicopters frequently use the airfield to refuel, or to meet land ambulances. They are concerned with getting casualties to hospital in the shortest time possible, by the most direct, safe route and as such, understandably, they are not always able to comply with the noise abatement procedures at the airfield.

Complaints about military traffic should be registered with the Ministry of Defence, followlink for more information:

If you believe that an aircraft is low flying or carrying out aerobatics over an inappropriate location, you should contact the CAA Aviation Regulation Enforcement Department, using this link:

Complaints made to Shobdon Airfield about aircraft operating in the Shobdon ATZ are logged. The complaints log is reviewed regularly and any recurring issues are investigated and if necessary, are resolved to the best of our ability.

Visitors to the airfield are always very welcome, none more so than our neighbours and the local community. Do visit us to find out more about the operation of the only licensed airfield in Hereford and Worcester.