The Team

Emma Lloyd
Keeping a tight grip on the accounts and all our office systems. Emma joined us in July, 2014 and is now well and truly in charge of all things that come under the title of Accounts and Business Manager. And she has been seen doubling as Santa’s little helper – check out the video clips on the website! Contact Emma for any accounts queries, membership information and you’ll almost certainly meet her behind the reception desk when you come to Shobdon.
Richard ‘Spanner’ Scase
He is our Chief Engineer, working with James Morris in our maintenance department to keep our club fleet flying safely and providing an excellent maintenance service for privately owned aircraft from Shobdon and much further afield.
Alan ‘Headset ‘Harris
Our senior Airfield Flight Information Service Officer – (sounds so grand!). Alan leads the team of part time AFISO’s and assistants who work in the Visual Control Room (Tower), controlling movements on the ground and providing information for pilots in our air traffic zone. You’ll speak with one of this friendly and helpful team when you call for PPR.
Gabrielle (aka Gay) Nesbitt
She is your first point of contact if you’d like to book one of our fantastic caravans…. or bring your own…. or pitch a tent. She’ll look after you just like Mum!
Rescue and Fire Fighting Team
And what a handsome bunch they are! Ready to respond to that alarm at a moment’s notice. And in the meantime, there to meet, greet, help, and generally keep the airfield a safe place to be for aviators and the general public.
The Duty Pilots
A group of members who give up their time to support the staff team on the reception desk, making sure that visitors get a warm welcome at Shobdon.