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Herefordshire Aero Club ELCAS scheme

ELCAS or to give it its full title is Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service, it is operated by the MOD (Ministry Of Defence).
It is an initiative to promote lifelong learning amongst members of the armed forces.
To access it you must have accrued a set amount of service and register to become a Scheme Member.
Applicants are able to apply for financial support in the form of a single upfront payment in up to three separate financial years.

Herefordshire Aeroplane Club is now an approved learning provider with ELCAS and currently offers the Night Rating and IMC Rating.
It is hoped to expand this prospectus in due course.

Current members of the club who may have served in the armed forces are reminded that this scheme can potentially be accessed up to 10 years after retirement date, contact ELCAS for further information.

The ELCAS website is an excellent source of information and the staff very helpful. Full details of the scheme and how it works are very clearly explained on the site.
Phone: 0845 3005179

For full information on the scheme you are referred to:
Joint Service Publication (JSP) 898 Part 4, Chapter 3 – The Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme: The sponsorship of Service Personnel for Personal Development.
Annex A has a very easy to follow flow chart if you don’t fancy the whole document!
A link to this document is available on the ELCAS Website.

Application form

Contact at the club in regard to this scheme are:
Barrie THOMAS Chief Flying Instructor
Neil BUMFORD Board Member