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What better place to take the challenge of learning to fly than at Shobdon Airfield, with Herefordshire Aero Club! We can help you to enjoy every minute of that challenge – from your first flight through to your qualification as a pilot – ready to enjoy the freedom of the skies all by yourself!

Whatever your ambition – Whether you want an EASA PPL or LAPL – maybe leading to an instrument rating, and even to become a flying instructor yourself – our team of qualified flying instructors will help you to achieve your dream.

Exams can be daunting – especially if you haven’t studied for some time. Take advantage of our integrated ground school package and you’ll sail through them without any problems.

Compare our packages and our prices. How do we keep our prices so low?
• We own our fleet of training aircraft
• We manage our own airfield – so no home based landing fees
• We buy fuel directly from Air Total, keeping flying costs manageable and finally
• We have our own maintenance team to keep our fleet flying

Herefordshire Aero Club is a CAA Approved Flight Training Organisation, inspected regularly to ensure that we maintain the highest professional standards.

“I chose to learn at Herefordshire Aero Club here at Shobdon Airfield because it offers me a friendly club environment as well as a good flying school. There are other students to talk to, people to help out when I get stuck with some of my learning, and there’s always someone to sit and talk to”. The instructors are a great team – expecting high standards, but making flying fun too. I tried other flying schools but none compare with Herefordshire Aero Club”
– Owen Williams, PPL student