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Noise Abatement Procedures at Shobdon Airfield

The noise abatement procedures apply to all aircraft using Shobdon Airfield, other than emergency aircraft such as the air ambulance and to military traffic.

All times listed are local times.

1. No circuit training or practice after 19.30 local Monday to Friday, and 18.30 on Saturdays and Sundays.

2. No aerobatics in the ATZ (except for special events which will be notified and agreed in advance with our landlord).

3. Night flying in the circuit is restricted to Thursday evenings, October to March up to 21.30hrs local.

4. Night flying at other times to be restricted to take off for departure from the circuit and landing for direct taxi to parking/hangar and switch off and will be by prior arrangement and agreement with the airfield operator.

Our noise abatement circuit is available to view Here and in National Air Traffic Services and commercially produced publications. It is clearly displayed in the briefing rooms and public areas at Herefordshire Aero Club. When necessary, a pilot’s attention is drawn specifically to the published noise abatement procedures.

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