European Aviation Safety Agency Private Pilots Licence

This is the most popular of the non commercial licences, the PPL opens up a myriad of opportunities for
flying for pleasure. It can also provide a sound basis from which to train further should you decide to
pursue a career in aviation.

The course comprises of a minimum of 45 flying hours, of which a minimum of 25 hours must be dual
flight instruction and 10 hours of solo flying. Of the 10 hours solo flying, 5 hours must be cross-country
navigation flights including one flight of at least 150 nautical miles incorporating two full stop landings
at 2 different airfields.

In addition to the practical airborne exercises and tests there are a series of nine written Theoretical
Knowledge exams and a practical Radio Telephony exam. Full Ground School instruction is available at
Herefordshire Aero Club as well as a complete range of training manuals for self study.

Although there is no minimum age for dual instruction flying, any hours accrued before the age of 14
will not be eligible to count towards a PPL licence. Students must be 16 years old before they are
permitted to fly solo and can apply for their PPL to be issued when they are 17 years old.

A Herefordshire Aero Club standard PPL course of a minimum 45 hours will cost from £8155 including
annual Club membership and exam & test fees.

A full time intensive course is also available, please contact us for full details.