Aerobatic Trial Flights


New for 2019


Take to the skies for a flight in the ultimate aerobatics machine, the 315hp Extra 330LX.

The Extra is one of the very latest dual-control unlimited aerobatics aircraft, stressed to +/-10g and capable of any manoeuvre you are ever likely to want to do.

Your pilot will be a qualified aerobatics instructor and you can discuss with him exactly what you want to do on your flight, including the chance to take the controls. Aerobatics are entirely optional but highly recommended!

Trial flights cost £199.00 for 25 minutes including a loop and a roll.

For the aerobatics “full works” a 30 minute flight at £239.00 is the one to go for!

Please note maximum student weight is 95kg.

(Current prices valid for trial flight vouchers purchased up to 31st December 2018)