Our Fleet

Whether you are a student or experienced pilot, the sturdy and trustworthy Cessna 152s are a firm favourite and Herefordshire Aero Club have three of these great little two seat aircraft in the club fleet – G-BHAA, G-BNKC and G-BTAL.

For touring a bit further afield or for taking family and friends along for a ride in the skies, our four seat PA28 Archer II G-BSEU is the ideal aircraft for you.

All of the fleet are owned and maintained by the club meaning we can offer our members very competitive rates, both for tuition with our team of instructors or for self fly hire. Hourly rates are based on the Hobbs meter and include fuel and home based landing fees

A discount of 5% on the instructional hourly rate is available for initial PPL and LAPL students by opening an account with £500.00 and keeping the account in credit  until qualified.

Self fly hire in the club’s syndicate scheme is a very cost effective way to fly once you’ve qualified, especially if you fly regularly. Additionally, any future flight training or check flights with our club instructors will also charged at the PPL rate rather than the full instructional rate.

Instructional Rates per Hour

Cessna 152 £160.00 (Syndicate £130.00)

PA28 Archer II £195.00 (Syndicate £165.00)

PPL Self Fly Hire Rates per Hour

Cessna 152 £130.00 (Syndicate £109.00)

PA28 Archer II £165.00 (Syndicate £144.00)


Cessna 152 £20 per month

Cessna 152 + PA28 £26 per month