Aircraft Maintenance

From General maintenance to full ARC/Annuals – our dedicated and experienced team can deal with all your aviation maintenance needs. We are qualified and equipped to work on all classes of fixed wing GA aircraft including LAA aircraft.


Landing fees are waived for non home-based aircraft arriving for maintenance.

General Maintenance –  Members:  £45.00/hour      Non members:  £50.00/hour

50 Hour Check –  Members:  £251.70      Non members:  £282.00

100 Hour Check –  Members:  £335.60      Non members:  £376.00

ARC/Annual –  Members:  £1,678     Non members:  £1,880.00

Prices are exclusive of parts and VAT.


For other types of aircraft maintenance and for general enquiries please contact us:

01568 708369 ext 3