Airfield Information

Office Hours

November to March 09.00 to 16.30 (Local)
April to October 09.00 to 18.00 (Local)


Due to potentially high volumes of traffic at times, we require all visiting pilots to obtain PPR by telephone.

01568 708369 ext 1

Shobdon Airfield Frequency: 118.155


Powered aircraft wide circuits

08 Right Hand 1000ft QFE

26 Left Hand 1000ft QFE

Helicopters 700ft QFE

Micro lights 500ft QFE

Glider circuit to the north of the airfield

Overhead Joins

Standard overhead join, not below 1500ft QFE dead side due to gliding, descend to circuit height of 1000ft QFE once south of runway.

There will be no overhead joins during parachute drops. This will be from take-off of the jump ship until all parachutes are on the ground.


100LL  £1.76 (Members – £1.70)

UL91  £1.84 (Members – £1.78)

Jet A1  £1.04 (Members – £0.98)

No aerobatics are permitted in the ATZ except for special events which have been notified and agreed with the airfield landlord in advance.