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After a truly fantastic run of sunshine and beautiful blue skies it seems the good old British weather has reverted to type and what a mixed bag we’ve had over the last few weeks!

Although this had an effect on some of our scheduled events such as the French Fly In and the 3R’s Air Races it hasn’t deterred our students from successfully notching up plenty of achievements, from first solos to completing skills tests. In all we have recently had 4 first solos, 5 QXCs, 6 PPLs and 1 LAPL, a big ‘well done’ to all concerned, including the Instruction Team who have been working flat out in support of the students and club members alike!

Despite the less than perfect weather, the de Havilland weekend did manage to attract some rather special aircraft, with two Hornet Moths, a Chipmunk, a Dragon Rapide and a Dragonfly coming in to visit. With our resident Moth Minor also taking to the skies it was quite a spectacle for the many visitors who had travelled far and wide to see these beautiful machines.

The Club’s members events and competitions have been proving very popular. The BBQ & Flying Competition saw all the competitor slots taken and there was plenty of friendly rivalry as everyone showed off their skills. Congratulations go to the winners,  Robin Lewis for the Short Field Landing, Jake Price for the Flour Bombing and student Kate Mayglothling for the Spot Landing. Kate was also the overall Competition Champion!

The Club Word Search Competition has come to a close and we are just awaiting the results! There were lots of entries and it seems it was an exciting and challenging event. Despite being a competition for HAC members, there was interest from other pilots who let us know that they had also had a go ‘just for fun’, thanks to everyone for joining in!

Coming up, the International Auster Club are planning a Fly In on 13th October – Shobdon Airfield was one of the first destinations for the club’s early Fly Ins when it was formed in 1973 so it will be great to welcome them back! HAC has club Fly Outs planned for Perranporth on 23rd September, Elvington on 6th October and Tatenhill on 13th October.

Let’s hope we have lots more days of sunshine going into Autumn, it’s a lovely season for flying with crisp smooth air and the golden and russet hues of the changing foliage across the landscape


We hope to see you at Shobdon Airfield soon!