Civil Aviation Authority Light Aircraft Pilots Licence

Similar in many ways to the PPL, the LAPL requires less hours in training and has some restrictions regarding the type and maximum weight (2000kg) of the aircraft you may fly and the maximum number of passengers you may carry (3). After attaining your licence, you must complete a further 10 hours flying as pilot in command before you may carry passengers.

The course comprises of a minimum of 30 flying hours, of which a minimum of 15 hours must be dual flight instruction and 6 hours of solo flying. Of the 6 hours solo flying, 3 hours must be cross-country navigation flights including one flight of at least 80 nautical miles incorporating one full stop landing at a different airfield.

In addition to the practical airborne exercises and tests there are a series of nine written Theoretical Knowledge exams and a practical Radio Telephony exam. Full Ground School instruction is available at Herefordshire Aero Club as well as a complete range of training manuals for self study.

Although there is no minimum age for dual instruction flying, any hours accrued before the age of 14 will not be eligible to count towards a LAPL licence. Students must be 16 years old before they are permitted to fly solo and can apply for their LAPL to be issued when they are 17 years old.

A Herefordshire Aero Club standard LAPL course of a minimum 30 hours will cost from £6652 including annual Club membership, and exam & test fees. The average hours for course completion in the UK is 60 hours.