Landing & Fuel Fees

Microlight  £11.00

Fixed wing single engine  £15.00

Fixed wing twin engine  £27.00

Single piston rotary  £15.00

Single turbine rotary  £27.00

Aircraft over 2750kg  £20.00 plus VAT per Tonne or part thereof

Circuits are charged at 50% of the landing fee, circuit sessions are available on request

Prices valid from 1st November 2019

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100LL  £1.78 (including VAT)

UL91  £1.83 (including VAT)

Jet A1  £0.96 (plus VAT)

Here at Herefordshire Aero Club we take safety very seriously and with that in mind the wearing of hi-viz waistcoats or jackets is compulsory whenever you are airside.