Our Team

Airfield Manager






Geraint Thomas – Head of Training, Richard Hubbard – Flight Instructor, Barry Mahoney – Flight Instructor



Emma Lloyd – Accounts & Business Manager


Dawn Manning – Events Coordinator


Alan Harris – Senior Flight Information Service Officer, Mark Wallington – Air Traffic Services Unit Manager
George Thomas, Sue Burgess, Philip Brown – Flight Information Service Officers



James Morris – Aircraft Engineer


Marc Williams, Jerry Roberts – Airfield Groundsmen


Gabrielle Nisbet – Caravans & Campsite


Allan Sysum, Hazel Highfield, Lance Phillips, Calum Bach, Mike Tolley, Marc Williams, Jerry Roberts, Ivan Breese, Leigh Lovell, Sam Juson, Phil Edwards – Fire Crew




Allan Sysum, Hazel Highfield, Bob Walters, Richard Beavan – Duty Pilots



The airfield are also grateful for the ongoing support of all our members and volunteers. If you feel you are able to offer any assistance to the club in respect of volunteering/ or could offer some of your time as a duty pilot we would like to hear from you. Please contact us. If you are interested in a career in aviation please see our latest vacancies.